Company Research Kit

Curated collection of 400+ tools and techniques to research any company in the world

Published on: March 23, 2023 | Location: Poland | Tags: Business services
Company Research Kit is a guide and database of field-tested techniques and tools to help you get any information you want about a company. Analyze any competitor, partner, prospect, or another organization that you simply wish to know more about, regardless of their size or industry.

What you get:
- The largest collection available online (seriously) of 400+ tools and 70+ techniques for company research.
- Curated database of hand-picked research tools to help with your research (73% of tools can be used for free).
- Proprietary research methods that are my secret research “hacks”.
- Actionable information, instead of merely a list of tools. Each tool in the database comes with a detailed description that informs you exactly what kind of research data you can expect.
- Filter tools by type, use case, pricing, best company size and industries to research with the tool, and geographies covered.
- A guide filled with personal know-how based on years of experience as a business analyst.
- Multiple hours of easily searchable content.
- Lifetime access.
- Regular updates (dozens of new tools added every month).