Tell your professional story with short-form video and audio clips 👋

Published on: March 31, 2023 | Location: New York, USA | Tags: Social Networking
Heyo is the next gen storytelling app where professionals can create short video, audio, or text clips speaking to their experiences, skills, past projects, and more. They can also feature testimonials from colleagues or former bosses for an instant credibility boost. Heyo also works for companies. As a hiring manager, you can introduce yourself and your team, share the challenges you're working on, and even showcase your office and team culture. We believe that it's important for both parties to feel a connection before deciding to work together. Once you create your Heyo profile you can customize it with a simple link or as a QR code that can be added to a resume, cover letter, or something else.

In addition to job seekers, Heyo also works for anyone who understands the power of building a personal brand to stand out, we’ve seen use cases for founders, freelancers, coaches, sales professionals to name a few.