Your AI podcast copywriter: AI-generated show notes in seconds!

Published on: May 4, 2023 | Location: California, USA | Tags: Podcasting, AI, Content Marketing
Become a supercharged creator with AI-generated show notes, chapters, transcripts, highlights, and more for your Youtube channel or podcast—in seconds! Podium creates AI tools for creators and podcasters. Speed up your post-production workflow with the power of AI. Start your free trial at

Podium is a cutting-edge podcasting tool equipped with a range of powerful features to enhance your podcast production and elevate your content. With Podium, you can enjoy:

AI-Generated Show Notes: Effortlessly generate captivating show notes that summarize your episodes and entice listeners to dive deeper into your content.

Instant Summaries: Save time by instantly creating concise summaries of your episodes, perfect for sharing on social media or enticing potential listeners.

Chapter Creation: Seamlessly divide your episodes into chapters for easy navigation, enabling your audience to find and revisit their favorite segments effortlessly.

Transcription Made Easy: Convert your audio content into accurate transcripts within seconds, allowing you to repurpose your episodes into articles, blog posts, or other written formats.

Highlight Extraction: Automatically extract and highlight key moments from your episodes, making it simple to showcase the most impactful and memorable parts of your content.

Intuitive AI Copywriting: Craft high-quality emails, articles, and more with the help of Podium's AI-powered writing assistance, saving you time and ensuring polished and engaging content.

User-Friendly Interface: Podium's intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginners and experienced podcasters to navigate the platform and create professional-grade content effortlessly.

Versatility for Solo Hosts and Agencies: Whether you're a one-person show or part of a podcast agency, Podium caters to your unique needs, streamlining your production process and maximizing efficiency.