The only personal AI you can trust to speak for you.

Published on: August 30, 2023 | Location: Vancouver, CANADA | Tags: B2C
Spheria is a no-code platform that helps you create and grow your personal AI. Spheria is your Second Brain powered by AI, always available to give your answers and share your point of view. Unlike other Artificial General Intelligence that have billions of factual and generic datapoints, your personal AI only learns from you, your experiences, skills and life stories.

By giving life to your Personal AI on Spheria, you:

- Create the only AI that is certified by you. It learns from your experiences, skills and stories to officially and legitimately represent you online.
- Give access to your second brain online to give answers on your behalf when you are not available.
- Provide a safe room for secured and private 1:1 conversations with you. Your AI gives answers but also listen, collect feedback and ask for people's opinion.
- Grow your personal knowledge base fast. Upload links, documents, emails, interviews, train your AI with your existing data from Linkedin, social media, blog or website. See your AI grow and learn instantly.

Spheria is the only personal AI that celebrates you for who you are, and grows along your side every day.