Scale your program across thousands of computers with one line of code

Published on: September 3, 2023 | Location: Boston, MA, USA | Tags: Cloud Infrastructure
Burla makes it simple to run any python function, on thousands of computers at once, with zero setup and just one line of code, here's a link to a quick example:
First 10,000 compute hours are free, and you get 10,000 more per referral.

Burla is built to be the simplest way possible to scale your program beyond what you can get using a single computer. Think if it like the python `multiprocessing` module, except that it scales seamlessly into cloud when you need more CPU's than your local computer or cloud VM can offer. When errors are thrown, they are sent back to your machine and displayed like any other local error would appear. Any local variables defined outside of the function you have submitted are automatically sent and recreated where the function runs in the cloud. If your function relies on any python packages, those will be automatically detected and quickly installed on any computer where your code will run. Burla also supports the ability to run your function inside any pre-defined docker container. Email with any questions and try out our Quickstart linked above!