Tenjin Online

TenjinOnline is the world’s most advanced Cloud native testing suite covering a wide gamut of capabilities - test life cycle management, codeless automation for web and mobile, DevOps integration, device farm integration, defect management integration and many more exciting features.

Published on: September 12, 2023 | Location: Bangalore | Tags: Saas based testing product
Tenjin Online is built with ease of use and maintenance as a priority, having major focus on great UX, scalability, and collaboration.

Features like bot-based test execution and reusability of bots across multiple test cases makes test execution get easier and easier every time.

End to End Automation testing for Dev/QA Teams
No complex setups
Automated testing for web and mobile apps
Create tests 6X faster
Extend the platform effortlessly with add-ons
Zero test maintenance

Tenjin Online is a hub of great minds who are pioneers in improving the quality of your apps. With our strong technical expertise, we aim at converting technologies into desired business outcomes by offering top-notch QA services. We understand business and create technology excellence that is customized to your requirement.