Generate HTML templates with AI

Published on: October 31, 2023 | Location: Canada | Tags: Artificial Intelligence
Makedraft helps developers ship fast by generate HTML templates with AI. Makedraft is the alternative for plain HTML and TailwindCSS. Get started free!

💡Who's it for?

1. Frontend developers who want to rapidly prototype frontend templates.

2. For backend developers to quickly ship a frontend with familiar tooling.

3. For non-developers to create HTML without code.

🙋How's it different from

1. No need for React or Next.js

❌ Locked into React and Next.js

✅ Makedraft: Creates plain HTML and CSS. So it works anywhere! Vue.js, HTMX, Alpine.js, Angular, Jinja2 etc.

2. No need for shadcn/ui

❌ Locked into shadcn/ui, which also depends on Radix UI

✅ Makedraft: Only uses TailwindCSS!

Makedraft is looking for early users. Please try it out on We'd love any feedback you might have. We're also looking for blog post/media coverage.