Introducing MindOS: Your AI for everyday tasks, personalised and automated.

Published on: October 31, 2023 | Location: Singapore | Tags: AI
MindOS presents: a personalized and automated AI assistant designed to handle everyday tasks efficiently. The Personal AI is customizable; users can train it with their own data, such as resumes and work samples, allowing the AI to adapt uniquely to their style for tasks like email crafting and making introductions. It automates a variety of everyday chores, streamlining daily workflows by managing emails, news briefings, recurring tasks, birthday reminders, and calendar events, promising continuous evolution with more automation features to be added over time.

Moreover, MindOS’s AI is designed to be more than just a tool—it acts as a companion that grows with the user. It features a dynamic memory that captures user preferences, tracks to-dos, and remembers specific phrases, tailoring its evolution based on user interactions. Additionally, it offers a feature to create an AI team from a rich marketplace populated with various AI professions crafted by real experts, allowing for access to specialized knowledge such as investment and legal advice, and professional task completion capabilities.