Instant Interior Design powered by AI

Published on: November 4, 2023 | Location: US | Tags: interior design, architecture
SofaBrain is the best AI interior design app that allows users to quickly visualize their rooms in just 8s! Users can choose among over 20 interior design styles and generate 4 beautiful images at a time. They can also edit images and visualize or remove any objects they can think of!

Interior Designers: Assists in providing clients with numerous design choices instantly.
Real Estate Agents: Helps showcase the potential of listings by redesigning interiors, exteriors, and modernizing furniture in images.
DIYers: Aids in decorating homes swiftly, saving weeks of effort.
Furniture Stores: Helps in visualizing how a furniture would look like in a particular space , enhancing sales.

Pricing starts with 3 free renders, with an option to upgrade for unlimited renders and additional features