OneGift's WishWell is a birthday-driven donation platform that deepens community ties and amplifies fundraising efforts with ease.

Published on: November 4, 2023 | Location: DE, U.S.A | Tags: Fundraising Technology Social Enterprise FinTech for Good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tech
WishWell by OneGift is a platform that elevates fundraising through the power of birthdays, streamlining donor engagement for organizations. In mere minutes, it sets up a system that connects donors with causes, turning birthday greetings into a source of recurring donations, all with the simplicity of automated e-cards and transactions.

Tailored for nonprofits and socially-conscious companies alike, WishWell removes the heavy lifting from donation collection. Its automatic mechanism not only sends out birthday wishes but also facilitates secure, seamless donations, reinforcing the community spirit and boosting funding with minimal effort