Leadz Agent is a 24/7 AI sales assistant that is designed to engage in conversations like a skilled sales agent, guiding users towards making purchases and, importantly, capturing those crucial lead details.

Published on: November 6, 2023 | Location: North Salt Lake, Utah,USA | Tags: Technology
You know how visitors often hit your site and leave without a trace? When those hard-earned monthly visitors hit your site, do they just browse and bounce? That’s like watching money walk out the door, right?

That's the problem I wanted to tackle head-on. The idea for LeadzAgent wasn't born out of a desire to create just another chatbot; it was about crafting a solution that feels like an extension of your sales team, operating tirelessly around the clock.

LeadzAgent is designed to initiate proactive conversations, providing answers, capturing lead information, and even nudging visitors toward a sale. It's a 24/7 AI sales assistant that bridges between your online presence and the personalized touch of a salesperson that many customers still crave