Online group coaching platform, democratizing executive level growth journeys.

Published on: February 5, 2024 | Location: Hamburg, Germany | Tags: Coaching and SaaS
crimalin is a B2C focused online group coaching platform, providing affordable growth journeys on an executive quality level. There are three different Journeys to select from: Business & Career Impact, Balance & Vitality, Life Orientation & Navigation.

It is challenging to find affordable but qualified coaches, especially online. It can be even more challenging to match them with people's specific needs. That is why we built crimalin. Our Journeys are guided by highly qualified, experienced and solidly certified coaches. They apply proven methodology to support people on their path. We utilize group coaching because it is proven to provide one of the best environments for personal and professional growth. Together with a coach and a group of peers - who each bring along their very own stories - people are able to find common experiences and discover new approaches.