Rise is a premier career destination and job platform.

Published on: March 22, 2024 | Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States | Tags: Recruitment
Rise is a modern job board and career destination for emerging professions in tech and beyond. The platform has over 76,000 jobs, is updated daily, and is a leading community of today's most ambitious talent. Rise fosters an inclusive community for a wide range of professionals, from emerging talents to seasoned leaders, across various sectors including technology, consumer goods, healthcare, beauty & fashion, and more. The site has a variety of positions including engineering, product management, marketing, operations, sales, account management, data science, and more. The job opportunities range from full-time to part-time to fully remote. Rise encourages users to craft a compelling profile by incorporating their experiences, education, interests, testimonials, images, quotes, or videos, with the flexibility to update it anytime. Engagement within the Rise community extends beyond personal profiles, through participating in discussions, accessing resources, connecting with like-minded members, and attending events. Membership for professionals is free, providing a unique space for personal and professional growth while facilitating connections with value-aligned companies.